Bianca "Bee" DeSousa
I can't even describe you role playing as Bianca. You're fabulous and perfect. Don't give up on writing, you're incredible. While reading your writing, I actually thought I was reading something Bianca wrote. Take care :)

Wow, thank you so much. I’ll keep that in mind.

You were a PERFECT Bianca roleplayer. We'll miss you so much. <3

Thank youz! xoo

you played Bianca amazingly, and i'm really sad to see you go. you made me love her a million times more than i did already, and i didn't even think that was possible. you will be missed. <3

Ahasd;flk do you understand how weird it is to read things like this? Like I’m so completely flattered, believe me, but I totally walked into this with no clue how to RP and with only a slight tolerance for Bianca. Hahah thank you! I will miss it too. 

I'm sad to see you go! Totally understand the whole school thing, but you were a great Bianca. Awwww miss ya! And HELLZ TO THE YEAH KREW SUCKS DRIANCA FTW!!!




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Love you forever you perfect, perfect human being.